100 Old Village Way, Oldsmar, FL 34677 (Aventine At Forest Lakes)

Formerly The Abbey in Oldsmar, FL. We lived there for 2 years about 2 years ago, so I am not sure how much it has changed, but when I lived there we had a serious bug problem. The bugs were in the microwave where the clock was if that is enough to describe the condition. The apartments themselves were nice and large. Plenty of space in the living room and bedrooms/bathrooms, and the facilities they had were nice as well. Decent Gym and pool size. We did once have a problem with the pools and ring worm. Our nieces kept getting severe ring worm whenever they went swimming and we had only used the pool once before and we contracted it as well. The office wasn't helpful either. The bug problem wasn't being taken care of and was being poorly managed. The exterminators who came by just sprayed a little poison they did not even want to bomb the place. Thought I should let people know to check and see what their policies are.

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