100 Old Village Way, Oldsmar, FL 34677 (Aventine At Forest Lakes)

Their definition of move-in ready is not that. It means they sprayed the walls with a fresh coat of paint and reglazed the tubs. There can (and probably will) be maintenance issues. I moved in back in June and still have things that haven't been fixed even though they were reported at move in.

No office hours posted on office. Voicemail states wrong hours.

On call maintenance is unable to respond due to living off site and not having a maintained vehicle.

Company makes you jump through hoops (to include asking for HPI/HIPAA protected information) before condsidering fulfillment of ADA requests (still pending at this time).

No transfers on property if life changes (marriage/divorce). They require that you break lease, pay the early termination fees and new application fees. Even then they don't have to give you a different apartment because you broke the lease previously.

Grounds keeping is garbage, like they have short trees planted beside the walk ways and they are constantly overgrown blocking the use of the walk way. Every weekend the dumpsters get overfilled and a car sized garbage pile develops by Monday morning. Random garbage strewn all over the property, I saw the same dirty diaper for two weeks. The pools are never clean of bugs and plantlife on the weekend (you know, when.people who work would use them).

The lease itself is almost 60 pages and they make you digitally sign it in their office instead of emailing you a link to a secure portal so that you can take time to read and review it.

There less then one visitor parking per building, the ones they have are grouped together instead of being dispersed usefully throughout and many are taken up by the same vehicles for days or weeks at a time. I have personally noticed a car with expired tags parked in one of the three visitor spaces located by the southern mail center for two weeks.

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